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Winchester Crime and Trauma Recovery partners with various agencies in our service area. We pride ourselves on our professionalism and our competence. This is what some of the agencies and people we have worked with have to say.

"The Crime Response Program...provides crisis response to victims and witnesses of crime and surviving family members of homicide victims. In that capacity we are asked to assist victims in restoring a sense of control and calm in their lives after tragedy.

On occasion, this involves directing them to a compassionate, skilled and capable resource to restore their physical space which by virtue of the circumstance has become a crime scene. We have discovered just that resource in Winchester. Not only are they available around the clock but in the event that the circumstance requires immediate intervention to minimize the disruption in the victim's life, they adjust their calendar.

Winchester understands that the event that victims has just endured is personal, debilitating and fear provoking. They approach each circumstance with an exceptional degree of expertise about the science and health implications of their work but they truly understand the humanity of their mission.
Winchester has become a trusted consultant and partner."
J.F. - Program Manager
"I am a Life Safety Disaster Plan and Response Specialist here in the Madison WI area. I have worked with Winchester in the past on an unfortunate situation on the Eastside of Madison.

Winchester was not only professional, they were compassionate and caring. It is one thing to say that the Clients were happy, it is ...another to say that Winchester helped in making a bad situation go away from their lives.
I would highly recommend Winchester and do plan on continuing our working relationship. Great people!"

James - Life Safety Disaster Plan and Response Specialist
"Today, many in business have lost touch with their client. Performing a job not concerned about the clients satisfaction and care is typical of many in business today. It is so refreshing to see a company and personnel who are really concerned for the client and the wellbeing of the client. Winchester has proved over and over again how they care for people and want to take care of them in very difficult times.
I would highly recommend Winchester as specialists for crime and trauma clean up. Our company has recommended them and utilized their services and will continue to partner with them. The care and the understanding of the pain, anger, and violation clients feel at times of crime and trauma clean up are raw and Winchester works so well to calm the client. Don't get me wrong, their service and clean up is outstanding and coupled with the care they provide the victims family and friends, why would someone look to someone else? We won't."

Kirstin - Client Relations Specialist, Local General Contractor
"Many thanks for the beautiful hydrangea plants and your patience in getting the clean-up started. Hope all is going well for you on that project.

Again, many thanks - I'm looking forward to planting the hydrangea to enjoy for many years."

Jean - Property Owner

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