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OSHA Compliance Training

Due to the technical and potentially hazardous nature of much of our work, we must possess multiple OSHA, NIMS, and ICS Certifications. We offer OSHA Compliance Training to Businesses and Organizations to help ensure proper loss-control and safety procedures.

We offer OSHA Training in:
  • Lockout/Tagout
    (29 CFR 1910.147)
  • Bloodborne Pathogens
    (29 CFR 1910.130)
  • Personal Protective Equipment
    (29 CFR 1910.132)
  • HAZCOM (Hazardous Communications)
    (29 CFR 1910.1200)
  • DOT Hazardous Materials Transportation
    (49 CFR 172.704)
  • Confined Spaces
    (29 CFR 1910.146)
  • Respiratory Protection Training
    (29 CFR 1920.134)
  • Fall Protection
    (29 CFR 1920.501)
Individual/Group Tactical Training

For the adventurous individuals or groups, we offer some survival and tactical training with a focus on survival in an EOTWAWKI situation. Our CEO has 20 years of operational military experience at home and in combat. Additionally, he has spent 5 years training foreign military allies in small unit and individual tactical skills. We offer training in the following:

Weapon Handling/Firearm Safety

Target Engagement/Shooting Drills

Tactical Movement
  • Movement Formations
  • Movement Techniques
  • Movement at Danger Areas
  • Security During Movement
  • Land Navigation by Terrain Association
Conducting Offensive Operations
  • Movement to Contact
  • Deliberate Attack
Conducting Defensive Operations
  • Defensive Positions
  • Weapon Emplacement
  • Sectors of Fire
  • Priorities of Work
Conducting Withdrawal Operations
  • Withdrawing Under Fire
  • Stay Behind Operations
Supply Operations
  • Resupply
  • Load Planning
  • Employing/Building Obstacles
  • Breaching and Clearing Obstacles
Security in Static Locations
  • Observation Posts
  • Visual Terrain Search Techniques
Limited Visibility Operations

Conducting Patrols
  • Reconnaissance
  • Conducting Ambush
  • Conducting Raid
Tracking and Counter tracking

Establishing Bases
  • Site Selection
  • Planning
  • Occupying
  • Activities
Urban Operations
  • Movement
  • Assaulting a building
  • Breaching
  • Entering and Clearing buildings
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