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The crime scene cleanup industry has many rules but little oversight. There are currently companies operating throughout the nation and our local area that are not properly licensed or qualified to perform biohazardous waste removal and transport. Make sure the company you contract with is legally operating in your area!

Winchester Crime and Trauma Recovery possesses ALL required licenses and meets and exceeds OSHA, EPA, and WDNR standards for cleaning, transporting, and disposing of biohazardous and HAZMAT material.

Bio-Hazard Cleaning Services
  • Homicide (Murder) and Other Violent Crimes Cleanup
    The violent death or harm of a family member is extremely traumatic. In addition to the loss and grief, the family must deal with the police, potentially making funeral arrangements, contacting other family members, and dealing with life and home insurance and other financial issues such as settling an estate. This can be overwhelming.
    On top of that, cleaning will be required after the police and emergency personnel leave. In the case of a violent death, there are bodily fluids and blood to deal with. These potentially infectious materials leave not only a physical reminder of the event, but can also lead to the spread of disease and sickness if not properly treated. Not only would cleaning this be an additional emotional burden for the family but if can be dangerous for those who are not trained to deal with this type of material. Winchester Crime and Trauma Recovery can help with this burden; the burden of dealing with the gruesome physical aftermath of violence.
  • Self Inflicted Death or Attempts (Suicide) Cleanup
    As emotionally difficult as a violent death can be, suicide is even more so. The trauma of knowing a loved one took their own life or the emotional burden of finding them can be devastating. Having to clean up the remains of a family member of loved one can leave emotional scars that can take years to heal. Winchester Crime and Trauma Recovery can help reduce the trauma experienced by the family by coming in and quickly, sympathetically, and efficiently cleaning up the scene. The use of our services allows the family to move on and deal with the other trying issues involved in dealing with the death of a loved one.
  • Accidents and Injuries Cleanup
    Just because someone survived an injury or accident does not mean that the aftermath is any less difficult to clean. In the case of major injury, blood and possibly other body fluid needs to be cleaned with all the possible attendant bloodborne pathogens. Even though no death occurred, we, as professionals, are better suited to clean up this scene.
  • Unattended Death Cleanup
    The cleanup of an unattended death can be more difficult than a violent death or suicide itself. In many cases, the body is often not immediately found. After death, the body begins decomposing and let's face it, is not pretty. Most people will tell you that the sight of a decomposing body cannot compare to the smell. Often it is the odor which alerts people to the death. While the coroner removes the body, they usually leave behind matter and odors as well. In addition to cleaning the obvious, we sometimes have to track down and kill any elements that may carry germs, odors, and potentially dangerous viruses.  This is the specialty of Winchester Crime and Trauma Recovery. We are familiar with the sights and smells and have experience dealing with this type of remediation. We will ensure that it is done right.
  • Vehicular Cleaning
    Unfortunately, violent assaults, murders, and suicides occur in vehicles. These are often some of the most demanding and detailed remediation service we perform. We will clean or remove any biohazardous material, returning the vehicle to a safe state for another repair shop to perform any mechanical repairs or replace any material which has been removed.

Hazardous Material Cleaning Services

  • Meth Lab Cleanup
    Typically, after a lab is discovered by law enforcement, the bulk of any lab-related debris, such as chemicals and containers, is removed. However, due to the process used to create the drug, generally a heavy residue is left on surfaces and in absorbent materials (carpets, furniture), sinks, drains and ventilation systems. These contaminants pose health threats to persons exposed to them. These contaminants can cause problems including respiratory (breathing) problems, skin and eye irritation, headaches, nausea and dizziness. Additionally, there are specific guidelines for cleaning to avoid mixing residues which could potentially cause violent chemical reactions. It is highly recommended that professionals be used to remediate this type of environment.
  • Tear Gas Cleanup
    Once Tear Gas has been introduced into an area in question, most but not all canisters will explode. The explosion releases a gas that quickly turns into a white or reddish dusty residue. This residue will settle on all surfaces. Depending on the amount of canisters fired, residue can accumulate from 1/8 inch on up. The cleanup of this residue is very labor intensive. It is not uncommon to clean the entire structure 5 to 6 times before the contamination is eradicated. It is also not uncommon for some canisters to penetrate wall cavities and not explode until the movement caused by drywall demolition activates the canister, creating a recontamination. Any agitation in cleanup can cause existing residue to activate, making cleanup very difficult for workers in the space, even with full Personal Protective Equipment. It is important to remember that Tear Gas fired in the streets will dissipate quickly, whereas Tear Gas fired into a confined space will not.
  • Filth House/Hoarding Cleanup
    Gross filth can be found in addition to hoarding or as a separate issue by itself. Gross filth results from the neglect of everyday cleaning that most people perform. People that live in these conditions often develop illnesses as a result of their unhealthy home, which typically are in the form of respiratory illnesses. Once the homes are properly cleaned and disinfected, the resident will usually find themselves feeling much healthier. The air quality in these homes is usually full of airborne germs and bacteria. Toilets are often found to be nonfunctional and full of biohazardous waste and in extreme cases the bathtubs will be used as toilets. These types of homes need to be properly cleaned by a company that knows how to properly disinfect the areas to make the home safe once again for reoccupacy. We will inspect the property for free and provide you with a scope of work and cost breakdown.

Law Enforcement/Public Safety Services

  • Squad Car Cleanup
    Blood or other body fluids often end up in police vehicles. We will clean or remove any biohazardous material, returning the vehicle to a safe state and get it back in to service quickly. Our service is affordable, fast, and proven.
  • Jail Cell and Evidence Room Cleaning
    We will respond immediately clean and disinfect jail/holding cells affected with bodily fluids and pepper spray. After the discovery of a biohazard contamination in a cell, it is important that it is properly cleaned and disinfected to prevent the spread of bloodborne pathogens to other inmates and law enforcement personnel. Our services for law enforcement also includes the cleaning and maintenance of evidence rooms. Also included in our service is the disposal of collected evidence such as bloody clothing and other biohazardous waste. We are available for scheduled service as well as emergency callouts. Cleaning of evidence processing areas are performed not only to clean and disinfect these areas, but also prevent cross contamination of DNA evidence. Call us for details.
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